Labels for Radio Buttons


The Form:

Empty my bank account to pay for dog food:

<-- default option (Why?)



<p>Empty my bank account to pay for dog food:</p>

<input id="neither" type="radio" name="account" value="neither" />
<label for="neither">Do Nothing</label>

<input id="emptyacct" type="radio" name="account" value="yes" />
<label for="emptyacct">Yes </label>

<input id="dontempty" type="radio" name="account" value="no" />
<label for="dontempty">No</label>

<input id="perhaps" type="radio" name="noaccount" value="perhaps">
<label for="perhaps">Perhaps</label>

Note: the "name" and "value" attributes, upon form submission, create the Name/Value pair in the data... e.g. account=yes