Forms Reading keyboard functions

Topic Task Command
Form elements: List all form elements Insert + F5
Navigate: Next focusable item Tab (any browser)
Next form field F
Next button B
Checkboxes: Select and deselect Space Bar [or Enter]
(any browser)
Combo boxes (<select>): Open combo box Alt + down arrow
(any browser)
Browse/select options down arrow or the First letter
(any browser)
Select multiple options Shift + down arrow (or up arrow)
Radio buttons: Toggle selection up arrow/down arrow
(any browser)
Forms mode:* Enter forms mode Enter (when focus is on a form field)
Exit forms mode (enter browse mode) ESC, Num Pad Plus (+)
[NVDA Insert + Spacebar]

Table from Deque University Screen Reader Keyboard Shortcuts

There are no form specific commands for Voice Over. Keyboard navigation setup - MAC

JAWS/NVDA (Windows screen readers)

VoiceOver (Mac screen reader)